Why Buy Phire

Authentic Re-Creation of Natural Diamonds

Unlike other lab grown gemstones, Phire diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds. This wonderful circumstance paves the way for meaningful prudent savings, and an opportunity to enjoy a larger and much finer quality diamond crystal. To bring a natural diamond to market demands a huge ecological burden on the environment and especially the lives of those folks living in the mining areas. Phire diamond removes those stresses and encourages a better balance between the desires of people and the love and respect for nature. Diamonds are a special and fantastic gem whose beauty should be experienced and appreciated. The reason to buy a Phire diamond instead of a natural diamond is precisely related to these rewards in both cost savings and stewardship.

How We Price Our Phire Diamonds

Phire diamonds are priced from the cost of production perspective and not the rarity aspect associated with natural diamonds. As a result, our diamonds provide a substantial and meaningful cost savings from the natural diamond.

What is Rapaport Pricing

The Rapaport Diamond Prices or “Rap” as it is known in the trade publishes current wholesale natural diamond prices weekly. It is used by dealers and brokers to base asking and bidding prices for the sale of diamonds. See Rapaport pricing video here.

Diamonds Are Not An Investment Vehicle 

Anyone who has purchased a natural diamond only to take it to your local pawnshop, or tried to resell it later, has quickly learned that diamonds, especially those purchased at the retail level are not a good investment. You should never purchase any diamond with the expectation that because diamonds may increase in value that you will be able to reap the rewards from that upward movement. This is especially true with the engagement ring diamond purchase. To make the decision to purchase a natural diamond over a Phire diamond on the assumption that the natural stone will better hold it’s resale value over time, is surely to lead to disappointment. Since Phire diamonds have removed the rarity aspect pertaining to the value of natural diamonds, the discounted price from the natural diamond is a meaningful and prudent savings. One should purchase a diamond for the beauty inherent in the gem, and the commitment it represents, the stewardship it encourages, and not as some future win in the investment arena.

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