What Is A Phire Diamond

First, a Phire Diamond is a diamond in every sense of the word and not an imitation or substitute gemstone. Our lab grown diamonds are an authentic re-creation of natural diamond. In our cutting-edge laboratory we have reproduced the proper conditions and chemistry to make the rapid growth of the carbon atom into a solid diamond crystal. Our formula for this process is a powerful recipe that makes every Phire diamond unique and one of a kind. No two Phire diamonds are the same and each is carefully graded and selected for cutting into the finest quality gemstones. Although not natural, these beautiful diamond reproductions are physically, optically and chemically indistinguishable from naturally mined diamonds unless very sophisticated equipment is used. See our technical page for ​indisputable proof of the authenticity of a Phire diamond. 

CVD Growing Machine

The value of diamonds has historically been based upon the rarity of those gems plus specific qualities known as the 4 C’s. With the advent of Phire diamonds the rarity of diamond, including the rarity of clarity, cut, carat, and color, has been greatly reduced. 

The value of a Phire diamond is not rooted upon the rarity trait like a natural diamond. It is based upon the cost of production as it should be. Therefore, Phire diamond makes the beauty of a natural diamond available to all at an exceptional value. 

A time lapse video showing the growth of the diamonds. The size of the diamond we are growing determines how long the seeds stay in the reactor. The heat inside the middle of the plasma field can reach sun like temperatures. Many factors go into controlling the temperature, pressure, and impurities to assure a quality diamond. At Phire diamond we use a sophisticated software program to monitor and vary the required parameters to optimize and verify the growing process to exacting tolerances.

We start with the finest natural and lab grown seeds in the world. These seeds are meticulously cleaned and prepared for insertion into our specially programmed CVD machine.